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Nu-Follica is an internationally recognized hair replacement company with associated centres world wide.


Before and After pictures from our satisfied customers and clients with regards to various services we offer

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A wide range of products and solutions for your hairloss, recovery and prevention from the Nu-Follica brand

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We offer a wide host of solutions avaialbe to suit both your need and your budget.

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    We offer an array of affordable and customer based solutions from laser treatment and lace wigs to micro-dot pigmentation and minor/major surgeries. We taylor the options to best suits your needs, wants and desired outcome.

    • Microdot Pigmentation
    • Laser Treatment
    • Lace Front Wigs
    • Micro Cylinder Weaving


    Our products stretch far and wide, giving you peace of mind as well as ample options for the best solutions. All our products are kept on hand and available as and when you require them.
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